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In the world of colours and water


In my garden


By the sea

I live on a peninsula and am literarily surrounded by water.  My early morning walks along the beaches are the best. Stillness or storm, the sea is always refreshing my mind and feeds my soul.

About Me

For years I had a dream of painting aquarelles in Provence. In my dream I had a large straw hat to protect me from the sun, a wide artist shirt and all the attributes one is used to see with an artist. Well, that dream never came true. 

The first time I tried water colours I was terrified. Then I was hooked.

Aquarelle is my element. The fine collaboration between water, pigment, paper and time ask for 100% presence. It’s my mindfulness exercise. 

The piece to the left is my very first attempt to work with aquarelles. A leaf. Some see a ballet dancer. Others see something else. 

For me, art is up to the viewer. That’s why I only label my art pieces Ocean 1, Ocean 2 etc. 


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